Work life balance after a baby

Over half of new mums said they wish they could start up their own business on maternity leave but 70 per cent choose to return to work after having their baby.

By Janet Harrison
Saturday, 26th October 2019, 1:00 am

Yes 78 per cent feel that starting their own business would give them the freedom and flexibility to fit in with their new family lives.

However, over half say there is a sense of negativity around women who start up their own business or work long hours when they have a young child.

And when asked the same question about dads – just 16 per cent said there was a stigma. While 45 per cent of mums said that dads who run their own businesses are celebrated, just 9 per cent of women are!

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New research, undertaken by The Baby Show, which was held in London last week, found that although new mums would like to start their own businesses, certain obstacles would get in the way. And 63 per cent of those polled say that it’s the lack of funds that would hold them back then followed by the fear of failure (37 per cent).

When it comes to returning to work 40 per cent said that they would feel guilty about leaving their babies at such a young age. Some 39 per cent felt that they would feel sad that their maternity leave is over and 37 per cent felt unconfident that they would be able to balance work and family life. Only 20 per cent said they would be excited to return to work.

Bonnie Takhar, the Founder of digital mall, LetsBab, was at the Baby Show to inspire others.

She said: “When I was on maternity leave, I had a big idea followed by a big sense of fear.

“Ten years later, the business idea is a reality and I am delighted to be supporting The Baby Show to inspire other mum’s to follow their dreams.

“Fear of failure and a sense of inertia are emotions you carry with you daily, until one day, you just do it.”

Fashion and beauty blogger Emily Roberts added: “As someone who is newly pregnant and left their office job a couple years ago to freelance/work for myself, I feel really fortunate and positive around being able to have the flexibility to get back into my work at my own pace post-partum.

“With that said, I know that will also come with the stress/guilt around leaving the baby once I’m getting back into work, all the while, the longer that I take out of work, the higher the financial pressure will be to get back into things. There is no right balance or answer.”