Why thieves are stealing number plates in West Yorkshire - and how to protect your car

Motorists across West Yorkshire have been warned after a spate of thieves stealing number plates from vehicles.

If your plate is stolen, report it immediately
If your plate is stolen, report it immediately

Why the plates are being stolen

West Yorkshire Police says the plates are being taken off cars and put onto different vehicles, so that the perpetrators can fill up at petrol stations and drive off without paying.

They are also taken to replace plates on stolen cars, to prevent them being tracked by number plate recognition cameras (ANPRs).

Where it's happening

Officers said the plates are being taken in Kirklees, but motorists across West Yorkshire are advised to be vigilant.

What to do if it happens to you

If your number plate is lifted or goes missing, report it to police at once on 101 or 999 if urgent.

How to protect your vehicle from number plate theft

You can buy anti-tamper screws which put off the thieves and make it much harder to unscrew them, available at most car accessory stores, for just a few pounds.