Why buy a new home? Four often overlooked benefitsÂ

Aside from the obvious benefit of the home being brand new and you being the only person to have lived in it, buying a new home has a whole host of advantages which many of us often overlook.


When buying a newly built home, you are not just buying into the home but the development as well. Some new developments come with fitness suites, communal parks, shops and in some cases schools and businesses. These offer you the luxury and convenience of having the things you need right on your doorstep.


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The property chain is one of the biggest concerns when buying or selling a home. When buying a new build home there’s no need to worry. Being new, the home doesn’t come with a property chain so you avoid the complications of someone else’s deal falling through and delaying the process.


In a new build property you can expect the fixtures and fittings to be of a high-quality. There won’t be any wear and tear from the previous owners and the appliances (if included) will all be brand new, the same goes for walls, flooring and work surfaces.

10 year guarantee

Most new homes in the UK are covered by a 10-year home warranty and insurance guarantee. This provides owners with protection against a range of eventualities, including if there were problems with the home’s construction.

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