Where to go in Leeds for a free Christmas meal on Christmas Day if you're homeless or struggling

Do you know someone in need of some Christmas food?Do you know someone in need of some Christmas food?
Do you know someone in need of some Christmas food?
While Christmas is a time for families, food and presents for most people, not everyone is so lucky.

But if you're going to be alone or struggling for food this Christmas, there ARE places you can go right here in Leeds.

The Christmas spirit is shining brightly at Meanwood’s Sundwich Deli where owner Rebecca Walls will hosting dinner for the homeless on Christmas Day.

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When most people across the city will be opening their presents with family and friends on Christmas morning, Rebecca and her mum Angie Walls will be slaving away over a hot stove, preparing a Christmas feast for those less fortunate.

Organised with help from Homeless Street Angels - a charity set up earlier this year by twins Becky and Shelley Joyce, 44 - the big-hearted duo will serve dinner to at least 30 homeless men and women at lunchtime on Christmas Day itself.

Rebecca said: “Sundwich Deli started helping the homeless about two months ago, sending food out via Homeless Street Angels, as we run a Sunday dinner delivery service every Sunday.

“Since then me and my mother decided to open on Christmas Day for the homeless and feed 30 mouths and seat as many as possible in the shop. Since then I put a bit online on Facebook which led to people volunteering to helping and give donations."

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Life Cafe says ‘everyone is welcome’ for breakfast, lunch and take away dinner (9AM – 4PM).

St George’s Crypt is open to all (i.e. not just residents) from morning to afternoon for free Christmas dinner and outreach services (11AM – 1PM, dinner at 12PM).

Mill Hill Chapel is open from 6PM for the Supporting People In Need Christmas Buffet.

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