When is season four of Outlander on TV? What adventures are Jamie and Claire going to get into?

Outlander Castle.Outlander Castle.
Outlander Castle.
Are you excited for the new season of the Scottish sensation?

When is the fourth series going to hit our screens?

The previous three seasons of Outlander have been a huge success both at home and abroad.

The fourth season will air in 2018 in the fall. there is no official release date yet but it is likely to be in autumn.

What can you expect from this season?

There will be 13 episodes in this series.

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In this installment Jamie and Claire are reunited and will be travelling across the seas on their way to North Carolina.

Imagine the fantastic pirate costumes that this will bring!

But don't worry at least some of the show will be in good old Scotland, with throw backs to earlier times.

How will the couple handle the troubles brewing in America, at the time of the revolution.

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The show originated from books by Diana Gabaldon. This series is based of The Drums of Autumn, Gabaldon's fourth book.

If your a fan of the books then this season will be a treat for you as some characters who have not yet been on screen will be transformed out of the pages of the books. Jamie's aunt Jocasta will make her first appearance. We will also get to see Stephen Bonnet, the rugged pirate.

Fans will be delighted that there is already a series five under way. Hopefully they will make many more.

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