What have we learnt in the last seven days?

William Hague, who has been made a peerWilliam Hague, who has been made a peer
William Hague, who has been made a peer
Test your knowledge in our quiz of the week.

1. A bitter feud broke out this week about the release of a new book published under which late author’s name?

a. Terry Pratchett

b. Douglas Adams

c. Stieg Larsson

d. Ruth Rendell

2. As television channels try to find ways to boost ratings, it was revealed this week that one popular series from the past may be making a comeback, but which one?

a. This Life

b. Cold Feet

c. Teachers

d. Men Behaving Badly.

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3. Britain’s highest paid headteacher quit his post before the start of the new term amid concerns of financial irregularities. But what was Sir Greg Martin’s salary last year?

a. £360,000

6. £300,00

c. £410,000

d. £280,000

4. Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for women-only carriages on trains hit the buffers this week, but where was a similar scheme introduced in 2010?

a. Malaysia

b. Thailand

c. Nigeria

d. China

5. Which music legend announced this week that when he dies he plans to donate his body to science (but only if he dies before his wife)?

a. Keith Richards

b. Van Morrison

c. Bob Dylan.

d. John Lydon

6. Which British entreprenuer entred the House of Lords this week becoming a Conservative alongside the likes of William Hague?

a. Karren Brady

b. Michelle Mone.

c. Hillary Devey

d. Deborah Meaden.

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7. Scientists this week named and shamed one particular creature which they fear is responsible for eating away at Britain’s hedges, but what was it?

a. Box tree caterpillar

b. Lesser stag beetle

c. Ladybird

d. Hoverfly

8. New research published by Barclays this week showed that one in 65 of us are now classed as millionaires, but which city in the north is now officially the wealthiest?

a. Manchester

b. Leeds

c. Sheffield

d. Liverpool.

9. It might only feel like yesterday, but which influential album was released 40 years ago this week?

a. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours

b. Paul McCartney and Wings’ Band on the Run.

c. Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

d. Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run

10. Long jumper Greg Rutherford became only the fifth British athlete in history to hold all four major titles, but who was the only female on the list?

a. Kelly Holmes

b. Sally Gunnell

c. Denise Lewis

d. Fatima Whibread.

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