What to expect on a speed awareness course

Motorists are increasing opting to undertake speed awareness courses rather than accept a fine and penalty points.

Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 12:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 12:22 pm
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But what exactly what happens on a typical speed awareness course? Here are six things to expect via researchers at LeaseCar.uk:

Although guilty drivers are caught by the police or one their cameras no officers are present on the day of the course. They are run by advanced driver trainers who are there to simply prevent guilty motorists from re-offending.
Attendees are not required to pass a test in order to complete the course and avoid the points on their licence. As long as they turn up on time, pay attention and engage with the professional instructors they shall complete the course.

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Braking distances are a sobering lesson. A car driving at 35mph will still be travelling at 18mph at the point it would have stopped if at 30mph which can be the difference between hitting a pedestrian and a potential fatal injury
Being taught how to drive economically and the benefits of doing so are covered in depth. Regularly checking tyre pressures, reducing weight in a vehicle or driving at 56mph are just some of the pieces of advice offered to drivers.
While you dont get a conviction its still advisable to check your insurance terms and conditions which will minimise the risk of your insurance being invalid due to not disclosing or withholding this information.
Towards end of the course drivers will be tested on what they have learnt in a group quiz. The scores are not recorded nor do they affect whether a driver completes the course but will lead to a sense of overall satisfaction.