Weather in Leeds today set to be hotter than these European destinations - forecast in full

It's going to be another sizzling day for weather in Leeds - with temperatures hotter than several European destinations.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 9:27 am
Updated Friday, 23rd April 2021, 10:21 am
Leeds weather: Leeds will be hotter than these European destinations today

Time to fetch the sun cream and prepare the BBQ - as Leeds gets ready to enjoy some spring sunshine.

Today’s forecast in Leeds predicts a warm, sunny day, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 17C. Light winds are expected throughout the day, with a less than 5% chance of rain. As we’re fast approaching the second weekend out of lockdown, it seems likely we’ll enjoy some dry, sunny afternoons out and about in Leeds.

The Met Office prediction for today (Friday) says: “Another fine and dry day with some patchy cloud but also plenty of sunshine and generally light winds. Feeling warm with afternoon temperatures a little higher than on Thursday. Maximum temperature 17 °C.

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While temperatures won’t drop below 10°C before midnight, a low of -1°C is expected during the night, with “a widespread ground frost, and a slight air frost in places,” according to the Met.

But let’s only look on the bright side, today’s forecast has placed Leeds above several other European cities known for their warmer temperatures at this time of year. These five places in Europe are set to register slightly lower temperatures today than us up here in Leeds and we are ready to make the most of it.

Strasbourg, France

Located on the North-Eastern border, the formal seat of the European Parliament will register no more than 16°C today, with clouds set to appear late in the afternoon. Chances of rain are low, but strong winds are expected to make the otherwise warm temperatures feel lower by at least 3 degrees. At the moment, France is under strict coronavirus measures, with citizens having to adhere to a curfew from 7 pm until 6 am, and otherwise advised to stay within 10 km of their homes unless they have a legitimate reason to travel further.

Berlin, Germany

It will be a cloudy day in the German capital, with temperatures not exceeding 11°C, and light showers from 7 pm. The high humidity and winds will make it feel colder by about 4 degrees, making this normally sunny European city especially gloomy today. The next few days will see little improvement in the weather, with clouds and rain still predicted for next week. Berlin is under similar coronavirus measures to Leeds, but citizens are only allowed in public spaces with one other person outside their household. A curfew of 9 pm is imposed for indoor visits.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch capital will register a cloudy day, with light showers expected from late in the afternoon until early in the evening, and maximum temperatures not exceeding 10°C. An average maximum of 14°C is usually registered in Amsterdam in April. Leeds will register 6°C above Amsterdam today, making the weather significantly better for an afternoon stroll. The Dutch capital will see a relaxation of measures, with shops and bars reopening next Wednesday.

Valencia, Spain

Leeds will match with the City of Sciences today, with Valencia reaching a peak of 17°C later this afternoon but cloud cover and showers are expected all day, meaning it won't feel as hot as Leeds. This is unexpected for the popular summer destination, known for its unbearable heatwaves and lack of precipitations all year round. Measures in place include restaurants and shops open and functioning at limited capacities, with no more than six people from different households allowed together in public.

It looks like the weather is on our side this week, timed perfectly with the ease of restrictions. Leeds’s pleasantly high temperatures will continue over the weekend, but cooler days are expected from Monday, according to the Met Office: “Occasionally cloudier over the weekend, especially near the coast, but still with sunny spells. Becoming cooler by day, and still chilly overnight. Some rain or showers possible later Monday.”