Urgent appeal for bottled water donations for Leeds homeless people as heatwave intensifies

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A Leeds homeless charity has issued an urgent appeal for bottled water donations as the city braces for another scorching day.

Forecasters have predicted temperatures could hit peaks of 34 degrees C in Leeds on Thursday while some areas across the country hit highs of 36 on Wednesday.

Appeals for bottled water have been issued in Leeds

Appeals for bottled water have been issued in Leeds

Now St George's Crypt in Leeds is asking people for bottled water donations urgently.

The charity says that homeless people sleeping rough in the baking sun face a 'huge struggle' and will suffer from dehydration as well as sunburn.

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A spokesman for the charity said: "We need your Help:

"Forecasters say temperatures in some parts could reach 36C.

"Homeless and vulnerable people across the city will suffer from dehydration and sunburn as the heat takes hold.

"For those living on the streets, there is often no escape from the baking sun and sleeping rough means it can be a huge struggle to have access to clean water to drink.

"We are in desperate need of bottled water donations for our clients and the vulnerable homeless people who come to our door for a drink.

"If you can help, please drop the bottled water off at the Crypt."

The Crypt is based at Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BR and is open every day until 5pm.