Fog warning issued in Leeds with possible delays to bus and train services

A fog warning has been issued for Leeds on Monday morning - with possible delays to bus and train services due to reduced visibility.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 9:51 am

The Met Office issued the warning on Monday - covering the hours between 5.22am and 10.30am.

'Fog, some dense, may make travel by road tricky this morning', the Met Office said.

In the warning, the service said impaired visibility will lead to slower journey times by car and with possible delays to bus and train services.

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Fog warning issued in Leeds with possible delays to bus and train services

There is a chance of delays or cancellations to flights, the Met Office added.

York, Hull and Lincoln are also within the boundaries of the warning.

The official definition of fog is a visibility of less than 1,000m.

Severe disruption to road transport occurs when the visibility falls below 50m according to the Met Office.

Fog forms when moisture in the air is cooled to its 'dew point' - this is the temperature at which air will condense from water vapour into water droplets.

This is the same effect you get when warm moist air comes into contact with a cold bathroom mirror.

While vapour is relatively transparent, droplets reflect light and therefore reduce visibility.

When this reduction in visibility gets below 1,000 metres it officially becomes fog, the Met Office said.

Fog can particularly affect road and air travel due to reduced visibility.

According to the Highway Code headlights should be used when visibility is below 100 metres.

Before setting off on a foggy journey, drivers should make sure their lights - especially fog lights - are working properly.

Advice for road users when travelling in fog - Met Office

Avoid travel if possible

Drive very slowly with dipped headlights, full-beam lights reflect off the fog causing a 'white wall' effect

Keep an eye on your speed, fog can give the illusion of moving in slow motion

Use fog lights, but remember to turn them off when the visibility improves

Don't hang on the tail lights of the car in front, rear lights can give a false sense of security

Watch out for freezing fog which is made of water droplets that freeze on contact with objects such as the pavement, road, car, etc. It can quickly form a layer of ice.

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