Dramatic photos show Leeds' Lindley Wood Reservoir on the verge of totally drying up

Dramatic photos and footage show a Leeds reservoir on the verge of totally drying up - leaving just a bed of cracked mud.

A rare danger-to-life warning is in place for the city as the heat causes trains to be cancelled and some schools to close.

And a Leeds beauty spot has dried up so severely that mudbeds have been exposed and left deep cracks appearing in a desert-like landscape.

The exposed mudbeds were captured by Yorkshire Evening Post photographer James Hardisty at Lindley Wood Reservoir, near Otley, on Monday.

Yorkshire Water has said that Lindley Wood is a compensation reservoir, which means it is not linked to the supply of water to homes, but is there to take excess water from Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs nearby.

A spokesman said: "In weather such as we’re having at the moment we don’t send water to Lindley Wood to ensure it remains available for supply to our customers."

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