10 things you said about... Leeds struck with 'biblical' thunder and lightning

Leeds was struck with a huge thunder and lightning storm overnight.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 4:45 pm
Thunder in Leeds last night.

Leeds residents took to social media last night as they captured photos of the 'biblical' storm.

Here are 10 things you said:

Gail Kane - "I will be surprised if serious structural damage hasn't occured after last night's thunderstorm. It was biblical."

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Leslie Fuller - "I got under the duvet, didn't see a thing!"

Steve Clark - "It was some storm, not seen anything like that for a while."

Julie Duffy - "This is what we had last night Andrea didn't get much sleep!"

Susanne Armitage - "It was epic."

Margaret Naylor - "Horrible! I came downstairs and buried my head in cushions! Hate lightning and the damage it can do!!!"

John Dakin - "Surprisingly the dog never batted an eyelid."

Peter Boocock - "Whilst the forecast was for light showers during the night..."

Marie Gibb - "Was sat watching it, my two-year-old absolutely loved it. Can't beat a good thunderstorm."

Julie Ironmonger - "Thunderstorms don't usually bother me but this did. My basement kitchen was flooded this morning thanks to the deluge."