10 Leeds buses stuck in snow on Kirkstall road for more than two hours as police close road

This footage shows 10 buses all stuck in the snow on a road in Kirkstall in north Leeds

By Abbey Maclure
Thursday, 14th January 2021, 11:22 am
Updated Thursday, 14th January 2021, 11:30 am

Heavy snow began to come down in the early hours of Thursday morning and the conditions soon became treacherous on several roads across the city.

Now this footage shows 10 buses including First and Leedscity buses parked up on Kirkstall Hill.

The buses have been stuck for more than two hours and police have officially closed the road, according to Yorkshire Evening Post reporter Abbey Maclure on scene.

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A line of buses are stuck in Kirkstall Hill - 10 in total

Two of the buses have blocked the road at either end to stop cars attempting to go past.

The road was gritted overnight but is impassable now thanks to the rapid heavy snowfall in the area.

A driver told her: "We've just got to sit tight until the gritters come out and treat the roads. Usually they're here before us. It's not often this bad on the roads."

Another driver added: "Some drivers have been stupid, one car mounted the pavement to get around the bus - the bus is blocking the road for a reason."

A line of buses are stuck in Kirkstall Hill - 10 in total

A few moments before, an ambulance response vehicle had attempted to get through the road but was forced to turn around due to the conditions.