Watch: Police crisis negotiator forced to run to incident after M1 hard shoulder near Leeds is blocked by cars

A police crisis negotiator had to leave his vehicle and run to an emergency on the M1 after cars refused to move from the hard shoulder.

The man was being driven to the scene of a crisis between junctions 44 and 45 near Leeds when he had to abandon the vehicle and continue on foot.

M1 near Leeds closed after person seen on bridgeCrisis negotiators are used by the police to assist in situations where there is a concern for safety, such as when a person is on a motorway bridge.

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Traffic has been halted while the incident was dealt with, but several cars had parked on the hard shoulder, blocking access for the police and other emergency services.

A traffic officer who filmed the scene commented:

"Tasked with getting our crisis negotiator urgently to an incident on the M1. The man seen running away from the traffic car is the negotiator! Our path was blocked by the cars on the hard shoulder! Please leave the shoulder clear for emergency services."

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