Warning over lost dog distraction burglary scam in Leeds

Police in the east area of Leeds are warning home-owners and local residents to be on their guard after reports of attempted '˜distraction burglaries'.

They say the scam involves a lone man approaching an address suggesting he is looking for his lost dog which he thinks has entered their premises.

He then looks for his dog and later the occupant realises that some of their items have been stolen.

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Some of the distractions include asking for some water for the dog or losing a ball in the garden.

Police say if anyone uses this claim at the door ‘don’t let them in the house or be distracted and leave the door ajar and unattended.

A police spokesperson added: “Whilst we don’t wish anyone to be fearful of helping others, we would encourage you to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for your neighbours.

“Together we can help keep our communities safer.”

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