Video: Young golfer suspended after medical condition forced him to urinate behind bushes

A teenage golf star has been suspended from his club after his medical condition forced him to dash behind some bushes to take a leak.

David Halliday, 14, has a rare disorder where his brain doesn’t tell his bladder it’s full until it’s fit to burst. The youngster was playing a tournament over the summer at Dunbar Golf Club in East Lothian where he was paired with a sixteen-year-old girl. But when he reached the 18th hole, David was desperate for the toilet and was forced to dash behind the bushes as there were no facilities close by. He was left devastated when West Linton Golf Club, in Tweeddale, suspended him - despite getting a note from the doctor explaining his medical problem. David’s Grandfather Douglas said: “I asked the girl he was paired with if there were any toilets because it was an eighteen-hole course. There wasn’t any cover at all.

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