Video: Man has successful ms stem cell operation in Mexico not available on NHS

A man who lost the use of his legs to MS is able to walk again after fundraising almost £40,000 to undergo radical stem cell therapy in MEXICO not available on the NHS.

Eric Thomson, 50, had been left unable to carry out basic tasks such as washing himself, making a cup of tea and cutting up his own food. Since he was diagnosed with the illness four years ago, Eric’s condition has slowly deteriorated and could no longer able to use his right hand or his legs. But Eric travelled to Mexico in order to receive a pioneering treatment, called Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT), because it is not available in the UK. With Eric not able to receive the cure on the NHS, Eric and his family had to raise £38,650 in order to fund the operation at the Riaz Clinic.

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