VIDEO: Is this a UFO seen flying over Leeds?

A Leeds man has captured this footage of a mysterious object seen flying over the skies of the city.

In the footage, posted to YouTube account UFO Institute, a white flashing circular object appears and disappears in the skies.

The man is heard saying: "A silver thing flying through the sky very very slowly. It's definitely not an aircraft. I don't know what it is, but maybe it's another one for security."

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UFO Institute said about the video: "In this footage we can see what looks like a metallic Sphere shaped orb, but on closer inspection we see that this is no orb but a sphere shaped metallic object.

"And thanks to the steady hands of this You Tuber who filmed it we can have a even closer look at this intriguing object."

What do you think? Evidence of alien life, or, perhaps a Chinese lantern on the loose?

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