Price hike for MCard travel across West Yorkshire as Mayor Tracy Brabin expresses disappointment

Mayor Tracy Brabin said she was "disappointed" West Yorkshire residents would see "another increase in their cost of living" ahead of a price hike for MCard travel.

By Daniel Sheridan
Thursday, 17th February 2022, 11:45 am

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MCard tickets which include rail travel change every year in line with increases to regulated rail fares, which the Department for Transport announced in December 2021 would be 3.8% for 2022-23.

Fares for all MCards and tickets that can be used on more than one operator are set by the West Yorkshire Ticketing Company Limited (WYTCL), of which the Combined Authority is a member.

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Price hike for MCard travel across West Yorkshire as Mayor Tracy Brabin expresses disappointment

The WYTCL Board agreed not to increase the cost of its bus only MCards or for weekly and monthly tickets for under 25s.

The price changes are due to come into force from Tuesday March 1.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, said: “I’m disappointed that people in West Yorkshire are going to see another increase in their cost of living.

“This was an opportunity for the Department for Transport to limit the increase or cancel it altogether, but because they went through with it the rail operators – who now work under Government contracts – have had to increase regulated fares and local operator schemes, of which MCard is one.

“If the increase in rail fares brought specific funds into West Yorkshire to improve our rail services I’d understand, but the money raised from West Yorkshire’s passengers will also go to fund improvements elsewhere.

“As we’ve seen from the Integrated Rail Plan and the decision to exclude Yorkshire from the high-speed rail network, we need more decisions such as these taken at a more local level, so that our rail fares go to improve our own rail services and infrastructure.”


Full list of price changes in West Yorkshire (left hand side 2021 price, right hand side 2022 prices)

DaySaver Adult Train Only Off-Peak Day £8.30 -> £8.60

DaySaver Concessionary Train Only Off-Peak Day £4.15 -> £4.30


Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-3Annual £1,273.70 £1332.10

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-4Annual £1,496.30 £1553.20

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-5Annual £1,796.40 £1,864.70

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2-5Annual £1,254.70 £1,302.40

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-3Monthly £124.00 £128.70

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-4Monthly £145.70 £151.20

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-5Monthly £173.00 £179.60

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2-5Monthly £120.50 £125.10

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-3Weekly £32.30 £33.50

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-4Weekly £39.00 £40.50

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-5Weekly £45.90 £47.60

Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2-5Weekly £32.10 £33.30

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-31 day £11.40 £11.80

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-310 days £102.60 £106.20

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-41 day £13.00 £13.50

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-410 days £117.00 £121.50

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-51 day £14.20 £14.70

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 1-510 days £127.80 £132.30

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 2-51 day £11.20 £11.60

DaySaver Bus & Rail Zones 2-510 days £100.80 £104.40

DaySaver Adult Bus & RailOff-peak day £9.20 £9.50

DaySaver Family Bus & RailOff-peak day £13.70 £14.20

Group DaySaver Bus & RailOff-peak day £24.20 £25.10

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