Northern announces new timetables as Yorkshire commuters return to work

Northern has announced a set of new timetables to help Yorkshire commuters returning to work following further relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

By Daniel Sheridan
Friday, 3rd July 2020, 4:45 pm

From Monday, more services will be operating in the traditional morning and evening peaks - with a focus on getting people to and from the region’s major towns and cities.

As the number of customers increase, trains are set to become busier than they have been during the past few months, Northern said.

All rail travellers, except those to whom exceptions apply, must continue to wear face coverings when travelling and observe social distancing where possible.

Leeds Railway Station

Steve Hopkinson, Regional Director at Northern, said: “Since the start of the pandemic we have amended our timetables to provide the best possible service for key workers and those making necessary journeys.

“Now, with more people returning to work, we are re-introducing some peak time services to help keep the north on the move.

“But we need our customers to do their bit in keeping themselves and others as safe as possible.

“Face coverings remain mandatory for all – with some exceptions – and all customers should continue washing their hands as often as possible and try to maintain distance between them and other rail travellers. Although we’re adding more peak services, we’re asking people to travel outside of the busier peak hours where possible.”

Northern said, along with all other train operators, it will also be doing its bit to promote safer travel.

Alongside the amended timetables Northern will also:

Utilise additional carriages, where possible, to make longer trains and provide extra room for customers

Continue to provide enhanced cleaning on trains and at stations – using specialist cleaners to provide anti-viral protection for up to 30 days

Keep soap restocked more often in train toilets and at stations (where toilets remain open)

Provide vending machines for face coverings and hand sanitiser at some key stations

Steve added: “We are doing all we can to provide the best possible train service and to ensure our network is the safest it can be to give customers the confidence they need to return to the railway.

“But people need to be aware that many of our trains will be much busier than they have been, particularly in the peaks and later trains at weekends. We therefore need our customers to think carefully about their journeys and whether they can travel outside of these services – keeping the space for those who have no option.”

For full information about Northern’s timetables – and to plan you journeys – visit the Northern website or National Rail Enquiries.