Here are six driving laws that Leeds drivers need to be aware of to avoid fines of £5,000

Leeds drivers could be fined up to £5,000 if they break these six laws on the road.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 4:38 pm

Most drivers will be aware of common driving laws that often catch motorists out such as speed limits or red lights.

But there are obscure laws that not everyone is aware of - there is a heavy price to pay for the lack of familiarity.

Drivers can not only be punished financially but they may also receive points on their licence.

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Six laws that Leeds drivers need to know about.

Here are six laws for drivers to be aware of to make sure they don’t get hit with a large fine.

Drinking and eating whilst driving

Whilst it is not technically illegal to drink and eat whilst driving it can lead to serious consequences if the distraction causes a problem on the road.

Not every sip of a drink or bite of a sandwich is dangerous but if a driver is distracted and a crash occurs there is a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine for careless driving.

Offenders could also gain up to nine points on their licence and receive a discretionary driving disqualification.

Suitable driving footwear

You might not think that the shoes you wear would affect the quality of your driving but choosing the wrong pair could land drivers in trouble.

It is not illegal to wear high heels, flip flops or even no shoes at all but if your choice of footwear prohibits your control of the car then you can be fined.

However, there is one scenario that is considered illegal, and that is if a driver's feet are wet.

It is believed that the slippery nature is just too dangerous and the driver may not be able to efficiently brake if an emergency scenario occurred.


Not many drivers know that there are types of sunglasses that are illegal to drive in.

Class Four type sunglasses only allow three to eight per cent of light through their lenses, which makes them dangerous to drive in.

This type of sunglasses are used most often in skiing, mountain climbing, hiking and other extreme sports.

The average pair of glasses won’t come under this category but those who partake in such hobbies should change their eye wear before driving.

Hayfever medication

It is certain that all drivers are aware that it is illegal to get behind the wheel whilst under the influence, but many may not consider that their hayfever medication would put them at risk.

Despite being available over the counter it is still illegal to drive whilst taking it - the drug can cause drowsiness.

If caught it can lead to a charge of drug-driving, which comes with a one year driving ban and can include fines.

Dogs in the car

Many pet owners take their beloved animals out and about in their vehicles on a regular basis.

But did you know that if they’re not properly restrained then you may be fined.

Dogs should not be allowed to hang their heads out of windows and should not be able to roam around the car freely.

Both can contribute to dangerous scenarios on the road if the driver is distracted - not only that but if a car crash occurs and the dog is not properly restrained the pet is likely to be seriously harmed.

Loud music

It is of course not illegal to have the radio on whilst driving or sing along to tunes on a long road trip.

But drivers can be fined £100 if their music is too loud - loud enough to distract the person behind the wheel or other drivers around the vehicle.