Leeds gridlocked as traffic lights fail causing 90 minute First Bus delays

There is gridlocked traffic across Leeds city centre as traffic lights have failed on The Headrow.

Temporary traffic lights on the junction with Albion Street are down, causing major disruption to buses across the city.

There are now delays of more than 90 minutes on First Bus services caused by the failed lights, rush hour traffic and a diversion due to an incident at Leeds Station.

First Bus West Yorkshire tweeted: "Evening peak congestion at a high level, delays of up to 90 minutes.

"Temporary traffic signals in Leeds at the junction of The Headrow and Albion Street are out of service, causing major disruption to service through the city."

One commuter, Richard Wilkinson, said it took him around 90 minutes to get from the city centre to Weetwood on a bus, a journey of just five miles.

Posting on Twitter, he said: "Interesting fact. It takes the Space Station just over 90 minutes to orbit the Earth.

"It’s just taken me a similar amount of time to get from Leeds centre to Weetwood on a bus, a journey of about 5 miles, due to 1 set of faulty traffic lights!"

There is gridlocked traffic in Leeds city centre on Wednesday evening - causing bus delays of more than 90 minutes

Due to delays of up to 40 minutes on The Headrow, Arriva services will be diverted via Vicar Lane then resuming their normal route at NCP or the bus station.

The Keighley Bus Company's Aireline services from Leeds are also delayed by up to 60 minutes.