11 primary school roads to be closed this afternoon in Leeds - find out if your school is involved

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As part of Clean Air Day in Leeds, 11 primary schools across Leeds are closing adjoining roads to become 'Play Streets'.

Instead of the usual traffic, the streets will be full of soft play activities, yoga, scooter, games and other activities.

Safer Roads Leeds said the scheme "encourages schools to increase levels of sustainable and active travel to improve the health and well-being of pupils".

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The roads are expected to close from 1pm to 4pm for the activities.

Safer Roads Leeds said in a press release: "The day will see children having the opportunity to take part in a wide range of soft play activities on the road outside of their school. These activities will all be supervised by the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team, school staff, West Yorkshire Police and other partners.

"We all know that many schools have issues with congestion, poor air quality and inconsiderate parking around the school gates. Air pollution affects the health of everyone, but children are one of the groups most vulnerable to polluted air.

"This has been very successful in other authorities and has had a positive impact on communities. It has encouraged parents to play with their children and families to share cultural games, it has reduced school traffic and created a safe place for children to play, and it has increased the number of parents closing their own streets for play activities."

The 11 schools involved are:

Hillcrest Academy, Chapeltown

Hovingham Primary School, Harehills

Alwoodley Primary School, Alwoodley

St Paul's Primary School, Alwoodley

Thorpe Primary School, Idle

Christ Church Upper Armley C of E Primary School, Armley

Clapgate Primary School, Middleton

Manston St James Primary Academy, Manston

Parklands Primary School, Seacroft

Lane End Primary School, Beeston

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hunslet

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Cones and barriers will be placed on the road to prevent vehicles from accessing the closed road.

Diversion signs will be placed at key points to divert traffic around the road closure.

Residents living on the street will still have car access to the streets, if necessary, but will be escorted slowly by adults through the closed off street.