Top trends for your home interior in 2019

New looks, textures and colours for furnishing your home are on their way in, and here are some tips from an expert in the field...

To help you get your interiors ready for a 2019 refresh, Rebecca Snowden, interior style adviser at Furniture Choice offers her key predictions for the upcoming year and explains how you can have them within a budget;

Velvet textures

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Not only does velvet add drama and depth to a space, it’s easily adaptable and is perfect for adding sophistication to any colour palette.

“Velvet elevates the look of the room regardless of season, making it a year round favourite we’re just not ready to kick in 2019” said Rebecca.

“It’s a finish that resonates well with bold colours or neutrals, depending on the look and mood of the space. For instance, pairing a blue velvet sofa with neutral accessories in the living room creates a sophisticated, yet crisp update on a classic look.”

Minimal Art Deco

Another much-loved style Art Deco, is slightly evolving for the new year. This latest iteration is a minimalist take on the trend and is much more strategic in terms of how colour and pattern are deployed.

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In this revamped version, starting with a neutral colour palette allows lots of flexibility and is the perfect way to embrace this new and improved look.

“Using geometric patterns which match the colour palette of the room makes a soft and elegant statement. Alternatively, gold accents are a great way to add flair to a neutral space,” advises Rebecca.

Pictured is the Pembroke Blue Velvet three-seater sofa - £499.99 – (Launch Date: 18.11.2018)

Natural materials

From woven light fixtures, baskets and rattan sofas, natural materials are making an impact in the new year. Not only are they perfect for staying in touch with nature when you live in an urban environment, they also create a peaceful feel in the home and are easily adaptable.

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“Don’t be afraid to be imaginative with this trend and mix your textures. Pair a deep hardwood flooring with a wooden dining set to really incorporate the look throughout the space,” said Rebecca. “The great thing about this trend is that it works really well with both neutral and bolder colour palettes too.”

Colour blocking

Creating a colour burst in your home is set to be a popular trend in 2019, and it’s easy to adapt to your style of choice. Go contemporary with deep contrasts and minimalistic features or add a retro feel with brighter tones and busier patterns.

“This 2019 trend is easy to do on a budget if you already have a neutral base in your home interiors. Simply add some strong shades within your accents, lamps, furnishings and artwork and watch this trend come to life,” Rebecca explained.

Pastels as neutrals

Pastels are going to be huge next season – and not in the same way they’ve been in the past. Next year they will be styled in a contemporary way for maximum impact.

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Two key shades that are expected to shine next season are mint and peachy coral. “A versatile shade, mint is pleasant and soothing making it a great way to add a light, fresh feel to the home,” said Rebecca. “When styled with contemporary furniture, the effect is both futuristic and natural at the same time.”

For fans of millennial pink, there’s a hot new colour in town - and it’s one that has a similar look and feel to this long-time favourite. A combination of orange and blush pink, peachy coral has been predicted by Pantone to be the next big colour for 2019. This hue has the dreamy quality of pink but grounded with orange and terracotta, making it a great shade to use in the home for those keen to experiment with colour but wary of picking something that may be too overpowering.

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