This retail giant isn't having an online Boxing Day sale - and people aren't happy

Products from LushProducts from Lush
Products from Lush
Soap and bath giant Lush has announced it is going against the grain and will not be running an Boxing Day sale online this year.

The retailer has sparked disappointed comments from some customers after announcing its 50% off sale will be in-store only and not on its website.

One twitter user said: "Okay but what about people with social anxiety?? The shops aren't exactly large and are gonna be pretty damn packed. Not to mention most of your stores are in cities. A lot of people simply won't be able to travel to a shop either, my nearest store is like 35 mins away..."

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Another added: "Why are you not going to be doing sales online?! I was super looking forward to doing some online Boxing Day shopping because my anxiety would not do well! Disappointed!"

A spokesman for the store said: "The Boxing Day sale will still be happening in-store. You’ll be able to enjoy a big ol’ 50% off of all festive products, gifts and selected products made before the 1st October 2017*.

"We know you’ll love popping into your local store - you can get hands-on with the products you’re buying, and demos from our friendly staff also mean you get to try before you buy. The result? You get to buy exactly what you want, no panic buying and plenty of smiles all round.

"We’re giving you plenty of notice so that you can plan your trip in advance, but if you can’t make it to store why not ask a friend or relative nicely if they could pop by and scope out the deals for you instead?"