These are the Leeds secondary schools that received the most applications for places in 2019

These are the most popular secondary schools with parents in Leeds this year.

By Grace Newton
Friday, 12th April 2019, 2:17 pm
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 2:19 pm
School places
School places

The data shows the total number of applications each school received, and the proportion of this total that were first-choice preferences. Three schools - Allerton Grange, Pudsey Grangefield and Royds - had more second-choice preference applications than first-choice. Parents can select up to five schools on their application form and rank them in order of preference. In 2019, 9,141 pupils were given Year Seven places for September, and 7,486 of these got their first-choice school. 8,711 will go to one of their parents' five preferred schools but 430 families did not get a place at any of their chosen schools. Around 90 per cent of parents applying on behalf of these 430 children did not list their nearest secondary school or a school that they live within the catchment area for on their application form. They may have instead used their five choices to apply for oversubscribed schools further away from their home that prioritise children living locally. These families have instead been allocated a school that has places remaining but may in some cases be a considerable distance from where they live. The council's admissions team have warned parents against the risks of this practice - which can leave their child in a difficult position. It is recommended that parents list at least one local school among their five preferences - even if they are also requesting places at schools further afield - to avoid excessive travel distances.

Roundhay is Leeds' most popular secondary school, with 1,428 applications. 521 of these were first-choice and 452 were second-preference.
Applications: 993. First choice: 316

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Applications: 962. First choice: 375
Applications: 947. First choice: 280
Applications: 912. First choice: 290
Applications: 883. First choice: 306
Applications: 877. First choice: 358
Applications: 865. First choice: 339
Applications: 807. First choice: 241
Applications: 816. First choice: 326
Applications: 777. First choice: 338
Applications: 756. First choice: 408
Applications: 713. First choice: 343
Applications: 708. First choice: 179. Second choice: 237
Applications: 665. First choice: 189
Applications: 655. First choice: 256
Applications: 618. First choice: 295
Applications: 592. First choice: 160. Second choice: 274
Applications: 568. First choice: 228
Applications: 562. First choice: 162
Applications: 543. First choice: 133
Applications: 541. First choice: 225
Applications: 520. First choice: 212
Applications: 517. First choice: 149
Applications: 511. First choice: 116
Applications: 508. First choice: 161
Applications: 491. First choice: 247
Applications: 470. First choice: 192
Applications: 439. First choice: 172
Applications: 408. First choice: 218
Applications: 406. First choice: 140. Second choice: 149
Applications: 402. First choice: 179
Applications: 343. First choice: 127
Applications: 327. First choice: 143
Applications: 327. First choice: 114
Applications: 310. First choice: 159
Applications: 276. First choice: 93
Applications: 220. First choice: 76
Applications: 201. First choice: 77
Applications: 181. First choice: 71