The strangest items left in Leeds Travelodge hotel rooms

Documentary film footage, a grandfather clock and plane tickets to Hong Kong.

These are just some of the unusual items that have been left behind by guests at Travelodge hotels in Leeds during the past year.

Also among the possessions to turn up in lost property at the brand's five Leeds sites - Central, Vicar Lane, Colton, Morley and Airport - were a wedding certificate, an antique front door, a small apple tree and the deeds to a house.

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At the chain's Harrogate hotel, one guest left their Shitsu dog, Harold, in their room - only realising his absence 40 minutes into their journey home on the M62.

While a customer at the Bradford site abandoned a necklace - made entirely from £50 notes.

A cultured guest at the Huddersfield Travelodge mislaid a fully-restored brass gramophone.

Away from Yorkshire, even more eccentric items found their way into the lost property office.

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They include: a cat called Yoda (Cardiff), a stained glass window (Canterbury), a barrister's wig and gown (Covent Garden), keys to a mansion in India (Heathrow), a vintage cuckoo clock (Chester), a Mercedes AMG car (Oxford), a company's annual accounts (London Bank), a stethoscope (Cambridge), a suitcase full of rupees (Birmingham), a monkey puzzle tree (Portsmouth), three prosthetic legs clad in designer shoes (Manchester), wedding vows from the 1950s (Bath) and a round-the-world cruise ticket (Southampton).

The items most commonly left in Travelodge suites include chargers, tablets, mobile phones, business papers, teddy bears, toiletries, sat navs, pyjamas, socks, ties and books. All are donated to charity shops if they are not claimed within three months.