The Leeds company that pays women 30 per cent more than men

Female staff at a Leeds window cleaning firm earn an average salary that is 30 per cent higher than that of their male colleagues' total pay packet.

Nationwide Window Cleaning Ltd, which is based at Colton Mill near Garforth, is the Leeds employer with the biggest gender pay gap in favour of women.

A total of 17 local businesses have an average female wage bill which is higher than the male equivalent.

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The gender pay gap is the difference between the average salaries of men and women in a given company or public body with more than 250 staff. It isn’t the same as equal pay, where firms are required to pay men and women doing the same job the same salary.

Most gaps are created because of a disproportionate number of one gender occupying senior management roles.

At Nationwide Window Cleaning, women in senior roles include the group operations director, the HR manager, the senior business analyst, the group sales admin manager and two national sales managers.

Group commercial director Eugene Boyle said:

“Here at Nationwide Window Cleaning we pay our employees equally for the same role regardless of gender, whether this be within the office or out in the field. We promote and employee staff on talent not gender and therefore have a high proportion of women in our senior and middle management team. Nationwide Window Cleaning is very proud to have no gender gaps within our business.”

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