Swan take: Cygnet is taken for a drive during rescue mission

A group of Leeds wildlife volunteers transported a swan in a car as part of a dramatic rescue mission.

The Friends of Gledhow Woods staged an intervention when they realised a young cygnet had been 'exiled' by other swans living in the beauty spot's lake - including its own parents.

After the adults displayed aggressive behaviour towards the juvenile, the volunteers decided it should be moved to a new home where it would have the chance to mate.

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They 'chauffeured' the young female to the lake at Roundhay Park, where she was introduced to the resident swan population.

The cygnet is settling in well in her new home, and has even attracted the attentions of a male.

The Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods said:

"The adult swans sadly exhibited aggressive behaviour towards the cygnet, exiling it upstream. This is normal behaviour for nesting swans, however concerns were for the cygnet's wellbeing. Roundhay Park is an ideal location for her to grow up and find a mate. There is also plenty of natural food there. She seems to have settled in well. Sad to see her go but happy for her new life."

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