Spiderman rescues couple after their car bursts into flames

A pregnant woman whose car burst into flames while rushing her partner to hospital has thanked Spiderman for coming to their rescue.

Lucy Day, 36, from Eastbourne, was driving to hospital with her partner Stephen Grant, 39, – after he accidentally cut off his finger in a lawnmower – when the family car suddenly burst into flames.

Forced on to the side of the road, the couple and their three-year-old daughter Millie were stranded and in desperate need of help when a man dressed in a full-body Spiderman suit stopped to offer his assistance.

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“You have to laugh,” said Lucy, “When you are having a bad day and suddenly you see that.

“I did think it was a bit strange, but in the heat of the moment I wasn’t really thinking about it.”

The couple were rescued by children’s entertainer Tom Roche, who was heading to work at a children’s birthday party when the drama unfolded.

Tom, 24, from Hastings, was on his way to the party with his girlfriend Kelly Bayman, 30, when they saw Lucy drive past.

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He said, “We could smell unburnt petrol and could see smoke pouring out from under the car. It was like something out of an action film, I was expecting the car to explode at any second.

“We tried flagging them down and when they stopped I was shouting at them to get away from the car.

“We called them over to us and they got in the car. She was saying ‘we need to go to hospital’, so we drove over there as quick we could.

“All this while I was dressed in a full-body latex Spiderman costume.”

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The couple were able to get to Eastbourne DGH where doctors successfully reattached Stephen’s finger.

The cause of the fire in the couple’s Land Rover is still unclear although fire services believe it may have been a mechanical fault.

Lucy, who is 22 weeks pregnant with her second child, said, “We’re concerned that a relatively new vehicle with a reputation for safety and reliability should fail in such a dramatic way.

“The fact we couldn’t get an ambulance is worrying. It goes to show there is something really wrong with the care available in Eastbourne.”