Sceptical about superstitions Leeds? 13 freaky facts you may not know about

Sceptical about superstitions?

Here’s 13 freaky facts you may not know about:

1) Friday the 13th can occur up to three times a year – but don’t worry, that isn’t due to happen again until 2026!

2) Number 13 comes after number 12, seen as a pleasing number with zodiac signs, gods of Olympus and days of Christmas all being 12.

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3) The Knights Templar were said to be previous owners of the Halton Moor Tudor-Jacobean house Temple Newsam, in the 12th century.

4) Leeds is the fourth most superstitious city in the country, according to a survey

commissioned by Casinopedia. It recorded that some 71 per cent of us have superstitious beliefs.

5) The FTSE 100 has closed lower on seven of the 10 Friday 13ths over the past five years according to The Telegraph – coincidence?

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6) For pagans, the number 13 is considered lucky as it corresponds with the number of full moons in a year.

7) The fear of the number 13 has an almost unpronounceable name, triskaidekaphobia.

8) The tarot card number 13 is the known as the Death Card, depicting the Grim Reaper.

9) Fridays are said to be an unlucky day of the week. It is bad luck even to cut fingernails on that day, a myth originating from an old nursery rhyme.

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10) Black cats are considered unlucky due to their association with witchcraft. The myth spread in the 16th century and we’ve been victim to it ever since.

11) Yorkshire Air Museum holds a renowned Halifax air craft restoration named

‘Friday the 13th’ which carried an inverted horseshoe and a grim reaper symbol, to challenge and remove the myth of bad luck.

12) Leeds United have had a history of superstitious bosses including Massimo Cellino, who had serious fear of the number 17, and manager, Don Revie, who was a believer in superstition and fate.

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13) On Friday, April 13, 2029, NASA have said a large asteroid will fly close enough to the Earth to be visible, after previously fearing it would crash into Earth.


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