Roundhay Park playground is closed from today - this is why

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The Lakeside playground at Roundhay Park closes today for several weeks.

Work is starting on a major refurbishment of the play equipment - and it is expected to re-open shortly before Christmas.

Roundhay mums' incredible effort to raise money to revamp park play area

The 14-year-old play area is in a dilapidated condition and a group of five local women have spearheaded a campaign to raise money for new equipment.

They originally set a target of £100,000, but ended up collecting £159,000 in crowdfunded donations.

The appeal began in April and captured the imaginations of park visitors and local businesses.

The higher total means extra equipment can be purchased and the work will be completed sooner than originally anticipated.

The play area is for children under the age of seven. The park has another playground which is also suitable for older children and which will remain open.