Rival campaigns on Leeds Roundhay Park's Go Ape plan gather momentum

A petition against a plan to build an aerial adventure course in Roundhay Park has now gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

But a counter campaign, in favour of the proposed Go Ape development, has been met with support in another online petition. Go Ape head of business development Ben Davies said: “We have been encouraged by the support we have received. Not just in the petition but also in the formal consultation.

“It’s no secret there are people for it and there are people against it. If we were to progress we would make sure to look at everyone’s concerns.

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“If you are for the project or not the best way to make your views heard is in the consultation.”

A statement on the Friends of Roundhay Park, which has opposed the plan, website reads: “We believe the proposed installation will destroy the unique character of this peaceful corner of the park and will constitute a significant loss of amenity.”

On the rival petition, which has more than 100 signatures, supporter Amanda Lee wrote: “I believe it is the perfect location as the park is large enough to be able to have Go Ape without spoiling the beauty of the park.”

Leeds City Council’s consultation has been extended until Tuesday January 17.