'Remorseless' killer jailed for 20 years over house blaze which claimed lives of father and daughter

A BURGLAR who killed a father and daughter by pouring petrol through the letter box of their familyhome and torching the property has been jailed for 20 years.
Daniel JonesDaniel Jones
Daniel Jones

A judge told Daniel Jones he had shown no remorse for causing the deaths of Andrew Broadhead and eight year old daughter Kiera.

Mr Broadhead and Kiera were killed after Jones torched the property in a bid to destroy a security camera he feared had captured incriminating footage of him carrying out a burglary days earlier at a neighbouring property.

Tragically, the camera was not even working.

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Andrew, wife Sara, and two daughters Mia, 13, and Kiera had returned home from holiday just hours before Jones started the blaze in the early hours of October 19 last year.

Jones, of Spawd Bone Lane, Knottingley, was found guilty of two offences of manslaughter and burglary after a trial.

Sentencing Jones, Mr Justice Morris told him: “You took no steps to check whether the information you had been given about the Broadhead family being on holiday was correct.

“Deliberately setting fire to a home in a residential area in the small hours of the morning and in an area with which you were well familiar was a highly dangerous act.”

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He added: “You showed a total disregard for the lives and safety of others.

“The harm caused by your actions could hardly be more serious.

“You continue to deny that you committed these offences and have shown no remorse for your actions.

“What is more, you have sought to mislead the court by concocting and fabricating evidence in your efforts to deny responsibility."