QUIZ: Can you identify these road signs correctly? One third of drivers couldn't

Do you know your road signs?Do you know your road signs?
Do you know your road signs?
New research on drivers has apparently revealed that more than a third of motorists are unable to identify most road signs correctly.

A survey of drivers, taken 20 years after they first passed, revealed that many could not place what the majority of road signs really mean.

The research, by ingenie.com, used the standard Highway Code to quiz drivers.

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Think you can do better? Take our test and find out how YOU fare on our quiz of road signs.

Richard King, ingenie CEO, says, “It’s worrying that even experienced drivers aren’t showing basic Highway Code knowledge, which every driver should have to keep themselves and other road users safe.

“If schools introduce the Highway Code and hazard perception to pupils before they even reach driving age, we can build an entire generation of better, safer drivers.”