Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Morley South

Morley's annual St George's Day parade is a real crowd-puller
Morley's annual St George's Day parade is a real crowd-puller
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Bell, Chris - Green Party

Dawson, Neil - Labour and Co-operative Party

Elliott, Judith Mary - Morley Borough Independents

Finnigan, Robert - Morley Borough Independents

Hill, Charlotte - Labour and Co-operative Party

Kidger, Wyn - Morley Borough Independents

Mitchell, Luke - Labour and Co-operative Party

Oldham, Rachel Mary - Conservative Party

Sanwoolu, Jermaine - Conservative Party

Singh, Jas - Conservative Party

Smith, Raymond Dennis - Liberal Democrats


Morley South sits in the outer south part of Leeds and includes Bruntcliffe, Town End, Low Town End, Topcliffe and Woodkirk in its boundaries.

The ward is the 13th largest in area and the 10th least populated of the 33 electoral wards in Leeds.

The population is predominantly white British (92 per cent) with an average to high quality of life and unemployment and crime rates broadly in line with the city average.

It’s a growing ward, and community infrastructure is a major local issue.

The need for more 
primary school capacity – 
due to new housing projects – is as much a key talking point in this side of town as in the north.

Terry Grayshon is a former town and city councillor for Morley. He says that the impact of developments like the Albert Road housing scheme – and worries about a lack of infrastructure – are huge issues for people in the area.

Pressure on GP surgeries is already being felt acutely, he says, and “the scales are not tipped in favour of the community”.

He is urging whoever gets elected to the council chamber next week to put additional pressure on local MPs to amend planning policy to the benefit of communities,

The town centre comes under the Morley South banner, and hosts regular activities and festivals such as the recent St George’s Day parade, which has helped Morley win the unofficial tag of England’s most patriotic town.

Mr Grayshon’s other main concern is that despite efforts to improve the town centre, those in charge “could do more than they are doing”. He is especially keen to see a more imaginative support plan for small businesses. Street cleanliness in the town centre is also a priority for voters.

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