Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Headingley & Hyde Park

LANDMARK: Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds  ''PIC:  Tom Joy/Heritage Lottery Fund/PA Wire
LANDMARK: Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds ''PIC: Tom Joy/Heritage Lottery Fund/PA Wire
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Andrews, Peter Richard - Liberal Democrats

Anstead, Liberty Cheri Isabel - Green Party third choice

Earley, Justin Dennis James - Conservative Party

Ellis, James Alan - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Forsaith, Ann Christine - Green Party second choice

Garthwaite, Al - Labour Party

Gledhill, Michael Ernest - Conservative Party

Godall, Tim - Green Party lead

Goodman, Penny - Liberal Democrats

Green, Kyle Jameson - Conservative Party

Hawthorne, Murray MacGregor - Liberal Democrats

Jennings, Louise Mary - Women’s Equality Party

Pryor, Jonathan David - Labour Party

Walshaw, Neil Anthony - Labour Party


The student heavy areas of Headingley and Hyde Park have now been combined into one ward after a boundary shake-up, increasing the size of the electorate by a third in the process.

But despite sharing that student heartland tag, the two areas have very different characters - from inner city heartland to trendy suburb.

In Hyde Park, locals have been working on the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Plan, and they categorically “didn’t want to be lumped together” with their neighbours, according to one community campaigner.

Bringing a more balanced housing mix to the area has been a key priority for locals.

It’s not about getting rid of the students, says campaigner Sue Buckle, but about making the area more family friendly.

The perceived lack of green space in the area has also been a talking point for several years, with the saga of the former Royal park School site dominating headlines. That has now been resolved to some extent, with plans for a community garden with play facilities now at an advanced stage. But locals want to see further efforts to improve green spaces.

Environmental issues have been a long-standing problem, with bins left out in streets causing a headache for locals. Some residents have taken it upon themselves to send out reminder leaflets to their neighbours two or three times a year.

The upkeep of Woodhouse Moor is also a priority for locals. Says Sue Buckle: “It’s effectively the garden for people in Hyde Park and we want it to be kept for everyone to enjoy.”

Issues arise in the summer, and after major events, with locals often forced to clean up after the revelry is done.

Over in Headingley, one local election candidate told the YEP national issues like the state of the NHS and the shortage of funding for adult social care have been coming up the doorstep.

However a clampdown on rogue landlords is a big concern for many voters.

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