MP lambasts Trump after Leeds solicitor's petition

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
Donald Trump
BRADFORD MP Naz Shah has claimed inviting US president Donald Trump on a state visit to the UK would be an endorsement of anti-Muslim views.

Ms Shah accused Mr Trump of treating Muslims as “the enemy within” as she backed a 1.8m-strong petition, started by a Leeds solicitor, calling for the state visit invitation to be withdrawn.

The Bradford West MP, herself a Muslim, said: “I am not an enemy to western democracy, I am part of western democracy. I fought my election really hard, I fought against that bigotry, the sexism, the patriachy to earn my place in this House.

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“By allowing Donald Trump a state visit and bringing out the crockery, the china, the red carpet what we are doing is endorsing all those views, all those things I fought hard against and saying ‘do you know what, it is ok’.”

Ms Shah was speaking as MPs debated the petition started by Graham Guest and a second, which attracted 300,000 signatures, supporting the decision to invite Mr Trump.

The call to downgrade the visit was supported by Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff who drew attention to comments about women made by Mr Trump which emerged during the presidential campaign.

Mr Trump is expected to visit the UK later this year.