Leeds Council bin man on “alternative duties” over mum’s viral video of rubbish misdemeanour UPDATED

A Leeds council bin man has been put on “alternative duties” while bosses continue to investigate CCTV showing him tossing rubbish out of a bin onto the street.

By Sam Casey
Tuesday, 4th August 2015, 5:10 pm
Debbie Campbell outside her home in Leeds. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Debbie Campbell outside her home in Leeds. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

The video – in which the collector removes two bags from the bins on Inglewood Place in Seacroft and drops them next to a gate – was posted online by mum of two Debbie Campbell on Saturday.

After being published on the Yorkshire Evening Post website, the footage was also used by other local and national media and has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

It later emerged that the waste truck, which initially left the street, returned about 40 minutes later to collect the rubbish.

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Debbie Campbell outside her home in Leeds. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

But Leeds City Council said the bin man, who was taken off front-line duties after the incident, has now been redeployed. A spokeswoman said today: “We have found alternative duties for him while the appropriate internal procedures are followed.”

Miss Campbell, 48, was sitting at home watching the live CCTV footage when the incident happened on Saturday morning.

She said she had extra waste after missing a collection a fortnight ago.

The recording shows the bin man walking over to the bins, lifting the lids and pulling one bag out and dropping it before shoving the other onto the street. He then empties the rest of the waste from the bins into the waiting truck.

The bin man took the bag out of one bin and left it on the side of the street

Miss Campbell said: “I accept that it was my fault that I missed the collection, but it’s just getting to the point where you think what’s the world coming to?”

According to council policy, the bin man should have removed the bags carefully, emptied the bins and then put the bags back into the empty bin. The bin should then have been stickered to let Miss Campbell know about the authority’s excess waste policy.

... and shoved the other one from the top of the pile
The incident was filmed on Debbie Campbell's CCTV