Kim Leadbeater reveals her plan to tackle crime in Batley and Spen

Labour’s candidate in the upcoming by-election has unveiled her plan to tackle the criminality and anti-social behaviour that she says has blighted parts of Batley and Spen for too long.

By Dominic Brown
Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 5:00 pm
Kim Leadbeater has revealed her plan to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Batley and Spen
Kim Leadbeater has revealed her plan to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Batley and Spen

Kim Leadbeater revealed her plan today (Wednesday), which includes:

More police on the streets in Batley and Spen focused on neighbourhood policing.

New police units to target local drug dealers and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Kim Leadbeater, centre, pictured with Rev Brunel James, left, and Labour's Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves during a visit to Cleckheaton Food Bank

Tougher punishments for reckless drivers and speeding in residential areas.

A secure way people can report drug dealing without fear of reprisals.

She said: “I know it will make a real difference to people’s lives if we can get a grip on crime and anti-social behaviour. As I go around, crime and policing are issues of real concern to many people.

"So-called ‘low level crime’ and anti-social behaviour causes misery for people. Fly-tipping, dog fouling and speeding should never be dismissed as minor problems. I will be pressing for them to be taken much more seriously.

“One thing I’ve learned in the last few years working in the community here in Batley and Spen is how to get people together to tackle problems. My work on loneliness and community building shows what can be done if you get people round the table - and I will do it again on crime.

“I’m determined to be a local champion delivering real change. I want to see more police on the streets – but I know that it will take more than that.

"As the local MP I will hold dedicated advice surgeries and I will establish an action group that brings together the council and the police, residents and businesses.

"That’s what I mean when I talk about ‘doing things differently’. Tackling problems, not just talking about them. And I’ll work with whoever it takes to fix the problem.”

While out on the campaign trail this week, Ms Leadbeater visited volunteers at Cleckheaton Food Bank with Labour's Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves and has been praised for her work “inspiring and motivating” volunteers to get involved, ensuring local residents received food parcels and well-being packs during lockdown.

Rev Brunel James, Vicar of Cleckheaton, said: “Kim has just been great in terms of inspiring people and motivating people.

"We wouldn’t have got so many volunteers coming forward if this volunteering culture that she’s established and championed hadn’t been so prominently promoted. We’ve had loads of volunteers come and join us because they’ve got mobilised through Kim and her team.”

Ms Leadbeater said: “Cleckheaton Food Bank is a wonderful place that has been doing amazing work during the pandemic. I’ve worked very closely with them to get food provision out to people who have been struggling during lockdown.

“In addition we’ve provided some well-being packs to people living on their own, and it’s brilliant work.

“It’s just extremely sad we need this sort of thing but while ever we do need it I know there are an amazing bunch of volunteers working incredibly hard to ensure nobody across Cleckheaton is struggling.”