General election 2019 results: when Leeds constituencies start declaring, and what time we'll find out who won

Find out when your constituency declares.

By Finlay Greig
Thursday, 12th December 2019, 1:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 2:48 pm

When the polls for the 2019 General Election close at 10pm today (December 12) counting of votes will get underway immediately at count venues in all 650 of the UK’s constituencies.

While some UK constituencies could declare as early as 11pm – Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central declared at 10.53pm in 2017 – some constituents could be waiting until 10am for results to filter through.

Here’s a rough timetable of when your constituency should declare in the early hours of December 13.

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The first vote declarations will take place at roughly 11pm (Getty Images)

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Exit polls

At 10pm news organisations will announce the result of exit polls, which are based on asking people how they voted as the leave the polling station throughout the day.

The polls will estimate the total number of seats expected to be won by the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the Brexit Party, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and other parties.

This year, BBC News, ITV News and Sky News have announced they will again join together to publish an exit poll at 10pm. The same practice was in place at the 2010, 2015 and 2017 elections.

In the past exit polls have correctly predicted the outcome of the election and even the number of seats the parties have won. In 2017, the poll said there would be a hung parliament and the results bore out with the Conservatives winning just 317 seats.

When can I expect my result?

There is no official timetable for result reveals, but Press Association have provided the following rough timetable based on previous election declarations.

These times should be looked at as a rough guide subject to change.


Leeds East

Leeds West


Leeds Central


Leeds North West

Morley & Outwood


Elmet & Rothwell


Leeds North East