Director Ken Loach to visit Leeds tonight for screening of Spirit of '45 NHS film in support of Labour

Director Ken Loach is due to appear in Leeds tonight for a screening of a film he made about the creation of the NHS as part of Labour's general election campaign.

By John Blow
Thursday, 21st November 2019, 11:45 am

The Spirit of ’45 will be shown at Pudsey Civic Hall from 7pm followed by a Q&A with the director, who is backing the party's parliamentary candidate for Pudsey, Jane Aitchison.

Mr Loach said: “This is a really critical election and we desperately need to get Labour candidates elected.

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Ken Loach.

"It’s a pleasure to support brilliant candidates like Jane and all the other Labour candidates in Leeds.

-> Why I’m voting tactically for Labour in Leeds after 24 years loyal service to Tories – Dr Jason Aldiss“People are living with stress and insecurity. Our public services are collapsing and we are faced with the consequences of our climate change emergency. 2

"We can begin to solve these problems on December 12 by electing a Labour government.”

-> How the Yorkshire constituency of Pudsey could decide the election - but with indecision rife, who knows who will win?Other parliamentary candidates for the constituency are Stuart Andrew of the Conservative Party, Bob Buxton of the Yorkshire Party, Quinn Daley of the Green Party and Ian Dowling of the Liberal Democrats.

Labour's John McDonnell with Jane Aitchison. Picture: Steve Riding.

Mr Loach directed the classic Yorkshire film Kes (1969), which explored the bond of a young boy, Billy Casper, and a kestrel.

He also won plaudits for I, Daniel Blake, but had been prolific in his output for decades.

Ms Aitchison said: “We’re delighted to have Ken here in Pudsey at our screening of The Spirit of ’45. Labour created the NHS but the Tories have presided over years of neglect.

"Labour will deliver the real change the NHS needs – more nurses and doctors, cuts to waiting times and an end to privatisation. We will ensure everybody gets the care they need with free prescriptions and free personal social care.”