West Yorkshire mayor plans still on track for next May despite lockdown

West Yorkshire will still have its own elected mayor by this time next year despite the Covid-19 lockdown, according to new documents.

By Richard Beecham
Wednesday, 13th May 2020, 1:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th May 2020, 1:22 pm

Leeds City Council’s executive board is set to meet next week to give the green light to the next stage of plans for a devolution deal for West Yorkshire, first announced in March.

The changes could see an extra £38m of government funding a year come into the region, along with extra decision-making powers from Whitehall.

One of the documents set to be approved next week includes a timeline, which includes a notice of a mayoral election in March 2021, and the election of a mayor by May 2021.

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West Yorkshire should have its own elected mayor by this time next year.

A report from Leeds City Council officers said: “The agreement of a devolution deal for West Yorkshire presents a significant opportunity for Leeds and the wider region to use new powers, funding and freedoms to make progress on some of our long-term shared priorities.

“The Governance Review that has been undertaken clearly demonstrates that the statutory conditions for the minded-to proposal are met and describes how the adoption of a mayoral combined authority model will benefit West Yorkshire.

“In the next stage, the proposed consultation exercise provides a meaningful chance for Leeds citizens and other organisations to consider the details of the proposed scheme and express their views on the future governance of the region.”

A public consultation on the scheme will take place between May and July this year, and will be sent to the Secretary of State. The Government is then expected to approve proposals and regulations in September and October.

A notice of election and the election of a mayor are both expected to take place in Spring 2021.Mayor