Town Hall Rich List 2023: The 10 highest paid Leeds Council workers listed who earn more than £100k a year

Leeds City Council’s highest paid workers have been unveiled.

Campaign group The Taxpayers’ Alliance has today released its Town Hall Rich List 2023, listing council employees in the UK who received over £100,000 in taxpayers’ money in a single financial year.

The list revealed that 19 Leeds City Council employees earned more than £100,000 in the 2021-22 financial year, compared to the UK average of 7.9 per local authority. The highest earners are largely made up of the council’s Corporate Leadership Team, as well as three officers who work closely with the leadership team and 10 unnamed workers. Local authorities are only required to provide names for those with a salary of £150,000 or more.

Chief executive Tom Riordan, who has taken a voluntary pay cut over the last few years, had the highest salary of £185,896. The council’s director of communities and environment, James Rogers, was the overall highest earner including pension contributions – earning £187,600. In comparison, the highest paid local authority employee in the UK was the managing director of Guildford Council, who earned more than £600,000, while Sheffield City Council’s chief executive receives almost £250,000-a-year from taxpayers - making her the best paid official in Yorkshire and the Humber.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said: “The salaries paid to our chief officers are consistent with the duties they are required to undertake and the responsibilities they have, with salary grades benchmarked and evaluated according to the size and scope of each individual role. Leeds is the country’s second biggest unitary council and remains open and transparent about its salary levels. The number of staff earning over £100,000 represents 0.18% of the workforce.

“The council’s chief executive’s voluntary pay cut over the last few years has also been channelled into additional savings for the council and local good causes, totalling more than one year’s annual salary. Like all local authorities, Leeds City Council has faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years due to coronavirus and the council’s senior management team, including the chief executive and directors, have played an important role in coordinating the city’s response and more recently its recovery.”

Here are the 10 highest paid employees at Leeds City Council.