Problem house plagued with rats and putrid stench makes Tingley residents' lives a misery

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A house in Tingley is making residents' lives a misery attracting rats, flies and a 'putrid' smell to the street.

Residents neighbouring the house on The Crescent, near Bradford Road, say they are unable to sit out in their gardens because of the smell.

The Crescent, Tingley (left: Google) and waste in the 'problem house' (right)

The Crescent, Tingley (left: Google) and waste in the 'problem house' (right)

They say the property is in a state of disrepair and bags full of rubbish are scattered around the house and garden.

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Residents first reported the issue to Leeds Council last year after finding rats and swarms of flies in their street.

Environment officers have attended the property on a number of occasions and ordered a clear up of the garden, but residents say the rats are still living there.

Several public health notices have been put on the door of the property and Leeds Council says it is aware of the issue and working with residents.

One resident paid out for pest control to poison the rats, but they have since been spotted running around the gardens and in nearby streets.

Residents say that until the waste is cleared from inside the house the rats, flies and stench will keep coming back.

Gillian Powell, aged 57, lives next door to the property and says she has not been able to sit in her garden for three years because of the smell.

She suffers from mental health problems and her partner, who she cares for, has had two major cancer operations.

She said: "It’s got to the stage where it's a serious health concern for us, the smell is putrid and it comes into our home.

"The main part of our house is at the back and that's where the smell comes through the strongest.

"We have had to move the dining room table and we haven't been able to sit out in our garden for three years.

"It's really difficult to deal with, it's just getting too much now for our health. I'm at the end of my rope.

"I have told the council they need to take this up no matter how long it might take, because I cannot live like this. It's my neighbour's lifestyle choice not mine."

Another resident, Kate Windle, a 73-year-old retired nurse, has had to pay out for pest control after rats invaded her garden.

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The pest control report found that the rats lived in the garden of the 'problem house' and ran under fences to the neighbouring gardens.

She said: “It is just ridiculous, my daughter is worried about the impact on my health.

"I use a wheelchair and I can’t go out on my own, I'm limited with what I can do.

“So I'm stuck here with this mess while my daughter is at work. We don’t need this stress.”

Leeds Council says it is aware of the issue on The Crescent.

A spokesperson said: “Leeds City Council takes the health and safety of our communities extremely seriously.

"Upon receiving a complaint or report of rubbish or waste left in a private property causing any negative associated issues, council officers will always investigate.

"In the first instance, we will always attempt to engage with the residents responsible. Often, this is the easiest and most effective way to resolve an issue.

“However, if a private resident refuses to co-operate with us to address a health risk then there are a range of legislative tools at the council’s disposal.

"We will pursue all necessary actions to resolve the issue subject to the statutory timescales that we are legally required to follow.”

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