LIVE: Leeds Bradford Airport £150m expansion approved by the council subject to renegotiations

The controversial Leeds Bradford Airport expansion has been approved by Leeds City Council subject to renegotiations

By Rebecca Marano
Thursday, 11th February 2021, 10:10 pm

The decision was made in Leeds City Council’s City Plans Panel today (Thursday). Follow our live blog for the latest updates:

A CGI image of what Leeds Bradford Airport could look like if expansion plans are approved.

Reaction as new Leeds Bradford Airport terminal approved

Last updated: Friday, 12 February, 2021, 08:24

The meeting has finished.

Link to full nine hour meeting stream available on YouTube:

If you would like to watch the recording of the meeting it is available on the council's YouTube channel:

Councillors voted by nine votes to five to agree to the plans in principle and to ask officers to make further conditions, for the updated plans to come back to the panel at a later date.

VOTES: 9 in favour - 5 against

Coun Blackburn - Against

Coun Campbell - Against

Coun Carlill - Against

Counc Cohen - In favour

Coun Finnegan - In favour

Coun Garthwaite - Against

Coun Caroline Gruen - In favour

Coun Peter Gruen - In favour

Coun Khan - In favour

Coun Latty -In favour

Coun Nash - In favour

Coun Wadsworth - In favour

Coun Walshaw - Against

Coun McKenna - In favour

Councillor Walshaw speaks again

Councillor Walshaw, said in another comment: "The employment situation in this city should concern everybody. But we will create far more sustainable jobs focussing on the climate emergency."

Councillor Asghar Khan: “It will create more jobs"

Councillor Asghar Khan said: "It will create more jobs for people in the city of Leeds.

"My area has one of the highest rates of Universal Credit.

"I know there is an environmental issue but by putting conditions on we can deal with them."

Councillor Dan Cohen: “I am certain that when normality returns that flying too will jet off at a pace.”

Councillor Dan Cohen: "Some really important things have been said this evening.

"I think this report we have had from officers today is the most robust report I have seen.

"Leeds is a Premier League city and I believe that a Premier League city needs a Premier League airport.

"I am certain that when normality returns that flying too will jet off at a pace.

"Those that believe otherwise are misdirecting themselves fundamentally. They are not taking into account human nature.

"If we fail to approve this today, all that will happen is that people will go to other areas to fly.

"The only losers will be our local region.

"In a post Covid world, we will need the jobs that this is going to bring.

"There are many jobs that will not be replaced on the high street or in other places and we have an obligation to the city that we have jobs.

"I do not believe the conditions before us so while I am content to approve, I am not content to approve with the current conditions."

Councillor Elizabeth Nash: “We can’t act like King Canute trying to hold back the waves.”

Councillor Elizabeth Nash: "I don't think there is a single member of the council not concerned about pollution. But we can't act like King Canute trying to hold back the waves.

"I will be voting for the new terminal building and the extension of hours."

Councillor Caroline Gruen: “It’s been a really complex debate“

Councillor Caroline Gruen said: "I do think people will continue to fly.

"I do not in any way underestimate the fundamental and urgent need to address climate change immediately.

"I am really torn inbetween the balance [between the economical benefit and climate issues].

"I don't believe the airport is giving enough back

"It's been a really complex debate and I think we need to look at those conditions much more analytically."

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