Call to suspend licence of Paradise Bar Leeds after teenager 'slashed'

A senior member of West Yorkshire Police has called for an immediate suspension of a bar’s licence, following recent violent incidents taking place nearby.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 4:07 pm
A police cordon outside Paradise Bar, Sheepscar Street.

Paradise Bar in Sheepscar Street South hit the headlines earlier this week, after a teenager suffered a “serious slash wound” outside the premises at the weekend.

A hearing on whether to take steps, which could include suspending the bar’s licence, is set to take place tomorrow.

A letter, sent to the council’s licensing department on Tuesday by a senior police officer, states: “The severity and seriousness of two woundings involving the use of weapons or adapted weapons which is being treated as attempted murder leads me to believe that public safety is at risk and that an immediate suspension of the premises licence is necessary to protect public safety.”

A police cordon outside Paradise Bar, Sheepscar Street.

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Members of Leeds City Council’s licensing sub-committee will now hold a interim steps hearing, to decide what to do before a full summary review into the future of the bar’s licence can take place.

Possible steps members of the committee are allowed to take include altering the conditions of the bar’s licence, the possible exclusion of alcohol sales or even the suspension of the licence altogether.

A report put together by a West Yorkshire Police licensing officer described the incident which took place outside the bar.

It stated: “On arrival, officers discovered two victims with stab/slash wounds in the street. Four persons were arrested at the scene but were later released.

“The two victims were transported to hospital where they remain – one has a punctured lung from stab wounds to his back, and the other has lacerations to chest and neck, which exposed the main artery to his lung.

“Two crimes have been recorded and the incident is being treated as attempt (sic) murder on both males.

“There is an initial incident seen on CCTV inside the club where there is an altercation between one of the injured males and a female. Two males leave or are ejected and it is when they are outside on the street that another altercation takes place between these two and persons unknown, and serious injuries are sustained.

“It is thought that possibly a knife and a broken bottle have been used to inflict the injuries on the two victims. There is also mention of people picking up pieces of loose concrete from the roadside and using these to assault people or as a means of self-defence.

“The suspects are still outstanding.

“One of the victims is 17 years old (chest and neck injuries). One of the four arrested at the scene is also only 17 years old. Both have been in Paradise Bar and the injured teenager is described as intoxicated.

“The initial incident inside is said to have occurred around 4.15am – the bar only has authorisation to open until 2.30am. There was no temporary events notice in place.

“The licence holder cannot work his CCTV system, contrary to a licence condition which states he must be able to do so, and this has hampered the investigation and the hard drive has been seized by police. The licence was only granted on February 5, 2019.

“Given the severity of the injuries sustained, the ongoing investigation to trace the suspects, the ages of at least two of those involved and the offences under the Licensing Act 2003, West Yorkshire Police ask the Licensing Authority for an immediate suspension of the premises licence in the interests of public safety, the prevention of crime and disorder and the protection of children from harm.”

The hearing will take place on Thursday, August 1.