Campaign to make Harehills and Gipton greener launched by councillors and local businesses

A new campaign which aims to make Harehills and Gipton greener and more environmentally friendly has been launched by Leeds Council.

A campaign has been launched to help make Harehills greener
A campaign has been launched to help make Harehills greener

Councillors have pointed to the 'built up' ward with a 'a lot of terraced houses' and have set about trying to improve green spaces in the area.

Cllr Salma Arif, Councillor for Gipton and Harehills told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “The idea was that as elected members and officers we would look at opportunities for creating a greener ward within Gipton and Harehills.

“Harehills particularly is really quite built up, for an inner city ward it has a lot of terraced houses and sadly it doesn’t have a lot of greenery. We constantly look for opportunities to see where we can get greenery, but not necessarily bringing more greenery in, but how do we maintain the green spaces we currently have.

“Anyone who lives in an area like Harehills and Gipton want to see greenery, breathe cleaner air and to make sure their children are brought up in a greener environment. Just because we are an inner-city ward does not mean we shouldn’t have greenery.

“Ultimately this has to be a joint effort from local residents, local organisations, elected members and officers.”

Leeds Council says the authority has been “overwhelmed with support for the campaign” from many local businesses in the Gipton and Harehills area getting involved such as Shine business centre, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Gipton Growers group and the Harehills Park Bowling Club

A spokesperson for Harehills Park Bowling Club said: “Our reason for getting involved with the project was to highlight the fact that there is green space currently ticking off all the boxes that is being underused and underfunded.

“Leeds Council are making on a decision to close 50% of Leeds Bowling Greens. Before we were aware of the consultation, we were already having access issues and plans had been scuppered for 2020 because of this too.

“We have recently received funding from Sport England to increase awareness get people back to the bowling green and revamp the pavilion as it hasn't been touched in over 30 years.”

To get involved in the campaign sign up at: https: