Police officer from Castleford '˜raped domestic violence victim' - jury told

Orhan YigitOrhan Yigit
Orhan Yigit
A POLICE Community Support Officer from Castleford raped a domestic violence victim after telling her he could help her, a jury was told.

Prosecutors say 40-year-old Orhan Yigit also sexually assaulted another woman after visiting her home to investigate the reported theft of a vehicle, a Leeds Crown Court jury heard.

Prosecutor, Ian Brook, said Yigit got to know a woman who was the victim of domestic violence through her husband.

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Mr Brook said Yigit asked to use the toilet during one visit to her home and took his police uniform off before coming down the stairs naked, exposing himself to her.

The jury was told Yigit had seen bruises on her body and knew the woman was the victim of domestic violence in her relationship with her husband.

Mr Brook said the woman was “low and desperate” and felt she ended up in a situation where she had to perform a sex act on Yigit when she didn’t want to.

Mr Brook said: “He was going to help her get out of the house and the predicament she was in and she didn’t feel she had an option.”

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Yigit was charged with rape in connection with that allegation between September and December 2015.

He was charged with sexually assaulting the same woman during another visit to her home in late 2015.

Mr Brook said Yigit sexually assaulted another woman who answered the door in her nightdress when he visited her home last April in response to a report a vehicle had been stolen.

Yigit, of Ward Road, Castleford, denies rape, two charges of sex assault and misconduct in a public office in connection with the allegation of indecent exposure. Proceeding.