Plumbers, cleaners and nurses: The sexiest and least sexiest jobs in Leeds revealed

Today we can reveal what YOU believe to be the sexiest and least sexiest jobs in Leeds.

Turns out cleaners have the unsexiest job in thd city – with plumbers, charity workers and taxi drivers close behind.

The poll of UK professions was conducted by Jamie Waller, entrepreneur and author of new book Unsexy Business.

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The research revealed the cleaning profession was voted the most unsexy by nearly one in three from Leeds (33%)

Famous cleaners include Jennifer Aniston, who spent her teens polishing toilet bowls, and Matthew McConaughey, who cleaned chicken coops.

Lucrative trade roles such as plumbers and taxi drivers came second and third on the unsexy list – with 30 per cent and 23 per cent of the vote respectively.

Personal trainers came out as having the sexiest job, possibly thanks to the rise in superfit bloggers and Instagram stars such as Joe Wicks, the Body Coach and former Towie star-turned fitness guru Lucy Mecklenburgh.

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Nurses came in as the second sexiest profession with 18 per cent of the vote with lawyers in third with 13 per cent of the vote.

When it comes to sexy status, money is the number one pull factor when people consider a career, with salary the most important thing for 54 per cent of people.

This research comes as entrepreneur Jamie has just launched his first book, Unsexy Business. Jamie has collaborated with the best of British entrepreneurial spirit to inspire people to stop focusing on how glamorous a job sounds and think about the fortunes that can be made in the unsexiest of careers.

Jamie said: “I want others to realise that a business doesn’t have to be sexy to be successful. 33% of people from Leeds may believe cleaning careers are unglamorous, but they have the potential to be highly lucrative.

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Stan Atkins, Chair of the British Cleaning Council, which represents over twenty trade and membership organisations linked to the cleaning, waste management and hygiene professions, said: “The cleaning sector is incredibly important to the UK economy, and without it the country would grind to a halt.

“From tackling litter to keeping hospitals clean, the work our members do is vital to ensure we can all live in a hygienic, healthy and safe environment. Further, a vast majority of cleaning operatives take great pride in their work, their professionalism, and the contribution they make to improving society. It’s therefore disappointing that some people think the cleaning industry is ‘unsexy’, especially as it can offer you a very rewarding, lucrative and long-term career.”